Heidi was born a passionate creator, inveterate analyst and ardent nature lover. 

She built on this professionally by earning dual degrees in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Horticulture & Urban Forestry; studying at the UW as well as in Italy, the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Edinburgh and Logan, plus independent study as a GCA/Martin McLaren Interchange Fellow in the UK.  

Her multiple design-firm experience includes domestic and international exhibit-design.  She currently maintains a private practice and is developing her art studio.  

Heidi enjoys sharing her native creative sensibility and sharp-analysis with others, empowering students and clients to envision their design goals and reach them.  She is also a homeschooling parent who values community service and considers the most important curriculum to be her adventure-yard and the great outdoors, operating under the tenant that self-time, nature & creativity = vitality.  

You can find her outside somewhere, meditating, making art with her kids on the floor or via EM.