Big Native Planting in the Cheasty Greenspace, Beacon Hill.

Stewardship Squad always has a great time at Cheasty.  It is satisfying to nourish a misty urban forest right next to Downtown with a big batch of homeschoolers.  On this day, we planted native woodland (& edge)  species in mulched areas that were perviously garbage heaps & head-high blackberry thickets- cedar, hemlock, sword fern, currant, mahonia, grand fir, vine maple & goat's beard.  The Angeline Trailhead we worked at boasts a stately staircase & retaining wall made by a passionate stone-salvager who harvests vintage slabs off of historic buildings coming down around the city, for use in public park stone-works- what a gift to us all.  Afterwards the kids had a big romp through the trail system, which the local community continues to develop admirably with the help of many donors and the Green Seattle Partnership.