Cheasty Greenspace

Big Native Planting in the Cheasty Greenspace, Beacon Hill.

Stewardship Squad always has a great time at Cheasty.  It is satisfying to nourish a misty urban forest right next to Downtown with a big batch of homeschoolers.  On this day, we planted native woodland (& edge)  species in mulched areas that were perviously garbage heaps & head-high blackberry thickets- cedar, hemlock, sword fern, currant, mahonia, grand fir, vine maple & goat's beard.  The Angeline Trailhead we worked at boasts a stately staircase & retaining wall made by a passionate stone-salvager who harvests vintage slabs off of historic buildings coming down around the city, for use in public park stone-works- what a gift to us all.  Afterwards the kids had a big romp through the trail system, which the local community continues to develop admirably with the help of many donors and the Green Seattle Partnership.

Cheasty Greenspace- bucket brigade mulching on Beacon Hill.

This bucket brigade was our most complicated yet and the kids performed excellently with stamina and rhythm.  The sun was hot on the way to the mulch pile at the top of the hill but the mulch-dump-site at the bottom was rewardingly shady.  We furthered sheet-mulching work on a planting site from wintertime in order to smother weeds and retain moisture during the dry summer ahead.  As usual, working in the Cheasty Greenspace was a real pleasure.  (read more about the neighborhoods efforts at Cheasty in another post here)

After-play is always good fun, on the paths, around the bend and up the trees.  The fringe-cups / Tellima grandiflora are blooming.  Another lovely spring day in Seattle, spent in service of nature and community under the leaves.

Hiking & Hauling in the Cheasty Greenspace, Beacon Hill


The Cheasty Greenspace is a terrific place for the Homeschool Stewardship Squad- the central location is ideal, fun, and the coordinated community efforts to restore their forest are a pleasure to participate in.

The dedicated group of neighborhood volunteers has not only worked hard, but thought strategically about how to harness municipal and volunteer resources in support of their forest.  They are excited to announce that the City of Seattle has adopted the northern acreage on which to create a pilot-project mountain bike park.  They are taking notes on the popular Duthie Hill Park, Issaquah.  Much planning is underway to discuss a wide diversity of issues such as trail standards to prevent erosion and how to separate pedestrians from bikers.

We sheet-mulched native plantings and hauled many a bucket of wood chips.  It will be a treat to keep working at this site and watch it fulfill its potential as a healthy urban forest accessible for recreation.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.59.04 PM.png.jpg
Trillium ovatum   / wake-robin.  Almost spring!

Trillium ovatum / wake-robin.  Almost spring!

The  Green Seattle Partnership  is a supporter of the Cheasty Greenspace.

The Green Seattle Partnership is a supporter of the Cheasty Greenspace.