End of the Dormant Season Native Planting on Riverton Creek.

NOTE: the Homeschool Stewardship Squad’s next events…

4/11: Wetland Plant Nursery, King Conservation District, Renton

4/24: Northacres Park, Haller Lake, Seattle, GSP


Squad was treated to a temperate spring day along Riverton Creek in Tukwila. The old plum trees left over from a former residence made for gorgeous tree climbing play breaks between planting and mulching native species. Tall vine maples were planted along with sword ferns and low Oregon grape and a red flowering currant. We were careful not to disturb the dormant Japanese knotweed root areas as even just foot traffic can stimulate growth whereas our goal is for it to continue its slow death- thanks to the herbicide injection from the professional crew in 2018.

It is unique to have a water source at a restoration site and the kids enjoyed scooping water for the new native plants to help them settle in. The Green Tukwila Partnership and City of Tukwila, including the Parks Commission, has supported the site in numerous ways and all of the volunteers happily remarked on how much work has been accomplished over the last year! Thanks to Greta W. & Olena for a few of the photographs.